The Walking Dead Board Game

Imagine what it would be like if one day you opened your eyes in the hospital and saw no doctors or nurses. The power is out. The doors are open and there is garbage on the floor. You get out of your bed only to see that the hospital is completely empty. The halls are dark and there is no staff. You walk towards the elevator and press the button, but the doors do not open. Walking down the stairs you begin to get nervous. Where is everybody? Why are there no doctors?

Finally you enter in the lobby only to find out that front doors are standing wide open. Chairs are overturned, magazines are shredded and scattered on the floor. You walk outside and find out that everything in the city looks the same way. It is now starting to dawn on you that something big has happened and that you might be the only survivor. You will have to do whatever it takes in order to survive, because besides a select few remaining humans, everyone else has turned into zombies.

This is the setting for the popular series The Walking Dead. Now that the series has been turned into a TV show and a video game, the series has now been made into a board game. You can take on the role of Rick, Andrea, or one of the other hapless survivors. Only the strongest and the most resourceful will survive. You need to watch your back and your supplies.

Rick Grimes The Walking Dead

Rick Grimes The Walking Dead (Photo credit: Mark McKenny)

In the board game, the weak players end up turning into walkers and then turn against their former friends. You will need to fight your way through the streets of Atlanta. On the way make sure that you look for anything that will help you live another day. That could mean weapons, food, and gasoline. Scavenge around through popular spots like department stores, the police station, the old folk’s home, or the CDC. If you get really lucky then hijack a car provided you can find one that still runs.

What happens to players who end up being walkers? The game isn’t over for those players because they join the world of the undead and seek out remaining survivors. You can launch surprise attacks against the living. Another way to attack them is to cause other walkers to go into a frenzy. Finally you can contaminate their supplies. Your goal as a walker is to ultimately bite another living player so that they too become a walker.

No matter what your role is the fate of the human race is in your hands. You get to play from sixteen different locations, have six different character cards, 40 scrounge cards, and 40 encounter cards. In the end the world of The Walking Dead will be able to come into your home for all players ages thirteen and up. Enjoy family fun with The Walking Dead board game. Just make sure that you do not get bit.

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The Gameplay of the Walking Dead

The Walking Dead (season 2)

The Walking Dead (season 2) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In April 2012, the first of five ‘episodes’ of the Walking Dead game was unleashed upon the world. The Walking Dead game, based on the comic book series by Robert Kirkman was launched simultaneously on the iDevices, Mac, Windows, Playstation 3 and the Xbox 360. Developed by Telltale Games it was instantly a hit. The rest of the games were released between April and November of 2012.

The Walking Dead game is unique in the fact that it is a point and click adventure. Whilst this was nothing uncommon for the PC, it was a breath of fresh air for both the consoles which hadn’t had a game released in this style before. One of the main reasons as to why this game was developed as a ‘Point and Click’ as opposed to a ‘normal game’ was down to the fact that the developers really wanted to focus on the storyline, and above all make the game seem very ‘character based’. This is fairly evident throughout the game. However that isn’t to say that the game isn’t fun to play by any stretch of the imagination.

During the Walking Dead game you take control of the comic book series protagonist Lee Everett. Your goal is to survive the Zombie Apocalypse and throughout the game you will meet many characters who are aiming to do the same thing. During the game you will be interacting with a number of different characters and items in order to progress, pretty much like any other point and click adventure game. Of course, as the game aims to be very storyline focused many of the tasks are not too difficult to complete.

One of the unique things about the Gameplay is that the story line of the game can be influenced by the decision that the player makes. For example, many of the decisions that you make throughout the game will be ‘timed’ decisions and if you don’t make the choice within the required period of time then the whole outcome will be changed. In other cases you may be faced with a timed choice of keeping one of two characters alive, in others you may need to make the right decision or the game will end. Choices play a pretty big part in the game with the choices that people make being uploaded to a sort of leader board system online where you can compare your choices with other people. Unlike some other point and click games The Walking Dead utilizes a ‘rewind’ feature and you can have as many saves as you like. This allows you to go back and replay various elements of the game so you can change the way in which the story line goes.

Depending on some of the choices that you make throughout a game the character who you are interacting with may change their disposition towards you. Again, this has a major influence on the outcome of the game as well as the amount that the character will interact with you in the future.

In summary, The Walking Dead is a breath of fresh air in terms of an older genre of game being introduced to the masses. It is also an example of a ‘point and click’ adventure being done well.

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Review of The Walking Dead for iPhone

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There is something about games on the Apple portable devices which doesn’t ring quite true with me. To me, complex games simply don’t work on this type of device. You only have to browse through the top games in the Apple store to realize this. Therefore Telltale Games were taking a massive gamble releasing this, even though pretty much the same game had achieved phenomenal success just a few months earlier on Personal Computers and Console Devices. Is this a gamble that paid off however? Let’s take a little look.

It is worth noting beforehand that this game is based on the comic book as opposed to the TV series, so there may be a couple of elements which may be unfamiliar to you if you haven’t read it. However, lovers of the comic book aren’t going to get an easy ride either. There are a whole bunch of new characters to get used to, including Lee Everett, the protagonist of the game.

If you are a lover of Telltale Games Property then you will know that there is always one thing they do properly, and that is telling a story. The Walking Dead is no exception to this. The game starts off pretty high paced with Lee in the back of a cop car charged with murder, however he manages to get off lightly when the whole world starts to change and the zombie invasions begin.

One of the main strengths of The Walking Dead is its storytelling. The main story in this game runs parallel to the comic book story, stepping on its toes a little bit. Don’t worry though as the story in this game has been approved by the comic book creator so everything feels just ‘right’. One of my favourite things about playing through this game is the dialogue. It has been crafted in such a way that you are really able to connect with the characters even if you aren’t interacting with them too much.

One of the downsides of this ‘story focused’ approach to the Walking Dead game is that the gameplay takes a little bit of a backburner. To me it seems almost too easy. It doesn’t help that you can’t really ‘die’ in the game either. It simply ‘rewinds’ your progress. There is no challenge. However, you do have to ask yourself if that really matters when you have a story as solid as this? Although some of the time it really does feel as though you are playing an interactive movie.

The majority of the game is focused on interacting with characters by pressing dialogue options and guiding Lee through the world. You will also be tasked with solving rather basic puzzles every so often, again there is absolutely no challenge here and you should be blazing through the game in a few hours. One of the key things to the storyline is that when you interact with characters you will be given a number of options when it comes to dialogue. Some of these are going to have an impact on how the rest of the game unfolds.

For those that love a bit of action then you will be pleased to know that from time to time you will encounter zombies and have to do battle with them…sort of. The action here is based around swipes on the screen of your device. You will have to swipe at exactly the right time or it is ‘game over’ for you. These are known as ‘Quick Time’ events.

Now for the ultimate question, is The Walking Dead on the iPhone worth a purchase? Yes it is, however purely for the storyline. I think that the gameplay will be far too basic for many people, although that may actually work towards its success on the Apple store. However, the gameplay isn’t all that bad to be fair. Bear in mind that the first episode of the game is free, but you will need to purchase the final four in order to complete it. However, it is worth that price, trust me!

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Development of The Walking Dead Game

The Walking Dead is a Big Deal

The Walking Dead is a Big Deal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In April of 2012 The Walking Dead Game, based on the comic book series of the same name was launched. The game was met with much critical success due to the unique gameplay contained within. Much of this Gameplay was made up from some of the more popular elements of Telltale Games’ previous launches. In this article we are going to take a little look at the development of The Walking Dead game.


As you are probably aware, The Walking Dead game is a point and click adventure released by masters of the genre Telltale Games. In the past the company had developed a number of episodic adventure games including Sam & Max and Tales of Monkey Island. This of course started the lay the groundwork for The Walking Dead Game.


In 2010 the company won the rights to developed two games based on movies. The first was Back to the Future and the second was Jurassic Park. In the second game one of the popular elements were ‘Quick Time Events’ which involved you making a decision pretty quickly in order to progress with the game. This was an element that later played a prominent role in The Walking Dead.


In February 2011 development of The Walking Dead game was announced. It was originally anticipated that the first of the episodes would be released during the latter quarter of 2011, although this didn’t come into being.


Robert Kirkman, the creator of The Walking Dead was a big fan of Telltale’s games before they approached him with the idea to develop a point and click adventure based on his comic book series. One of the main reasons as to why he accepted their proposal is because he was completely sold on the idea of developing the characters and storyline as opposed to letting the player blast through everything that they see. This he really felt emphasized the ‘survival nature’ of the comic book. Whilst he played a role in the development of the game it is more for providing advice on the storyline as opposed to getting involved directly with the direction that the game takes. It was from his input that a number of new characters could be introduced to the game.


The Gameplay elements of The Walking Dead game were based on a number of different games. Some of the ones which played major roles were Heavy Rain, The Uncharted Series as well as Mass Effect. These games helped to influence the direction in which the cinematics of the game went, as well as the player choices. In addition to this, the developers took inspiration from the TV series about how to introduce characters and how to go about giving them depth within a short space of time.


During development, one of the main aims of the developers was based around the decision making process. As the decisions were tracked online they wanted to ensure that the decisions made by players were a pretty even split. When they realized that some of the decisions were heavily weighted in one direction as opposed to another they went back into the game after release and changed some of the dialogue in order to ensure that it was slightly more ‘neutral’.


The game engine was designed in such a way that porting between all of the formats that it was released on was simple. In order to ensure that the game was released at the same time on all formats all of the episodes after the first were released as downloadable content as opposed to a standalone game. This allowed Telltale to get around the tight restrictions that the consoles had placed on games that were released as full downloadable games.


Owing to the success of the first Walking Dead Series, a second is currently in the planning stages with a release for some point during 2013.



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Welcome to The Walking Dead Game dot net

The Walking Dead is a Big Deal

The Walking Dead is a Big Deal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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